Ask Nicole
Advice from the world's smartest–or at least sassiest–puppet

Bonjour, je m'appelle Nicole.  As a French maid, I overhear many things while pretending to work, so I know more than you about everything!  On this site, I stick mostly to puppet talk.  I will teach you whatever you want to know about puppets.  Just ask.  Email me at

Q.  How are puppets made?

A.  Well, it starts with a mommy puppet and a daddy puppet.  The rest... gee, don't they teach you that in school?  Okay, okay, I'll tell you.  Puppets can be made in many ways.  When I was just a little girl, we made them from paper bags or socks.  Paper maché is popular and can be used by kids from age 6 to 106!  Some are made from wood, particularly those used by ventriloquists and marionette performers.  There is a growing trend to keep puppets lightweight.  I, for example, am made of foam, fabric, and a minimal amount of wood (my bones).  What do I weigh?  A woman never tells!

Q.  I am having a birthday party.  Can I hire you to perform?

A.  If it is your husband's birthday party, I will perform for him.  He will love my performance (all the men do), but I am not so sure you will share his enthusiasm.  For some reason, many men get divorced after they meet me.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

Q.  Do you know of a good way to get a wine stain out of a fur coat?

A.  Oui, I make my man buy me  a new one!

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