About Papa Rick

Papa Rick (a nickname he received in college) has been making puppets since before he can remember.  Of course, sniffing that glue he uses in the puppets has limited his memory more than a little bit.  Okay, let's just say he has been at it for more than a dozen years.

Papa Rick's puppets have appeared on a few stages in South Florida
as well as nationally on the Fox Family Channel's Paranoia game show.

An active member of the Puppeteers of America, Papa Rick served as an elected officer of the Gold Coast Puppet Guild and on the board of directors of the Puppet Guild of South Florida, a 501C Not for Profit organization dedicated to promoting puppetry in Miami-Dade and Broward counties (FL).  He has also been on the staff of one national and three regional puppet festivals.

Papa Rick is always willing to share his knowledge of puppet creation and has taught puppet making in the Broward County Schools adult education program.  The puppets you see on this site involve a lengthy creation process, so offering single day classes is not practical.  He is open to offering multi-session classes if you have the studio workshop space and a group of inquisitive minds.

You can reach him at  PapaRick@puppetlove.com